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Audra Dietz

Intro : Actress/Model

Talented Actors For Hire

Our social network enables anyone interested in hiring quality entertainment to do so at a click of a button. This category of our website is dedicated to registering actors for hire and providing clients interested in hiring actors with their details. Starlight Entertainment makes available a well organized, rich actors listing consisting in professional actors, freelance actors or talented models that employers can audition and hire. The actor search can take place faster with our help, making the hiring process a lot easier. Both employers as well as talented professionals looking for exposure can benefit from our page.

Local acting auditions and open casting calls do not always receive the number of applications one might be interested in, so sometimes it is difficult to find the right person for the acting job. Talent isn’t even the issue. It is all about finding the best entertainer who will fit the acting role just right. The search for talent is challenging because of the multitude of acting jobs that exist, the skills they require and the age of the persons required for the acting roles. Modelling and acting auditions are very different from voice acting auditions. While some employers might be holding auditions for acting roles, there are others who may want to hire voice actors for singing, voiceover recordings or voice acting jobs. Broadcasting over the radio requires a specific voice, sound depth, diction and accent, while theatre acting is a whole different story because one needs to have excellent body language on top of everything. Movie actors, exactly like theatre actors, need to have a stage presence, but also to look good on camera. And then, there is a diversity of opportunities for which film actors are needed and they all target a different type of actor, with different availability. For example independent film actors may be hired for longer periods than short films actors. Shooting a commercial takes even less than short films. No professional actor would obviously complain if given the opportunity to work for a longer time because acting is their passion. However, busy actors, with many jobs lined up for them, may not be able to accept all of them. We give employers in the Entertainment Industry the chance to search actors that they believe fit best for their jobs, discuss your projects with them and choose the most fitting person. What YOU, the client, get with our website is FLEXIBILITY: you can browse our business directory for the best actors and do online casting auditions, on your terms. Hiring actors for the day or for long term contracts has never been easier. On the other hand, actors can increase their exposure and make their names known and available to those looking for talents.

Our actors listing provides hiring options of any age or gender. If you are interested in hiring actors or actresses or want to give more people the chance to attend your acting auditions for kids or teens this is the place to look for talents. You might be looking for something more particular, someone to answer your baby casting calls or toddler casting calls. Well you are in the right place. You may find what you are looking for right here. Starlight Entertainment is giving all talent a chance to put itself on the map and list their names here, so that YOU, the client, can find and hire talented actors easily.

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Starlight Entertainment & Limousines began with Promoting, managing and booking Entertainment Nationally – actors, bands, comedians, clowns, dancers, djs, magicians, musicians, models, singers etc...  Starlight then added limousines and other luxury transportations for your convenience.  Since 1985   Thanks to all of you.


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