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Amongst the many other types of entertainment Starlight Entertainment makes available through its talent listings, there is also the very popular option to hire entertainers for comedy shows. StarDirectory can bring a smile on everyone’s faces by making available top quality comedians to perform in various comedy shows in a range of venues, for wedding parties, corporate events, private functions and festivals all over USA.

We warmly welcome both male and female comedians, local or national stars, young comedians and elderly alike, single comics and joint acts, everyone with a talent and an interest in performing in all manner of events: register in our directory (for free!) and increase popularity, exposure and chances of being hired in various shows and events! We welcome live stand-up comedians, just for laughs comedians, corporate comedians and pretty much any type of comedian you can think of – as long as they know how to make a crowd laugh ;). Popular comedians become famous because they are great performers but also because they had the opportunity to be in the right place at the right time: they got noticed. But to stand out one has to be booked for a lot of jobs ranging from private functions to big name acts in comedy circuits and festivals. Make your name known! Participate! You too can be an up-and-coming star-of-tomorrow!

To those interested in US comedians for hire, we can provide some of the country's best new talent to suit any budget. We can provide family friendly comedy or any type of comedy act suitable to an audience of a particular age. You can book regular comedy events throughout US with good comedians that are just starting their career to very famous ones. Quality party entertainers are always hard to find and maybe you do not know which type of entertainment you want for your party. Well, to please a large audience with members of various ages, we recommend a comedy show. A good laugh works wonders. Book comedy for your venue because whatever makes kids and adults feel good, must be good!

Fund raising events, kids birthday parties and even dinner party entertainment can do with a good laugh. Not to mention wedding receptions where everyone is nervous and excited about a big step being taken by two young people; in such a case a comedian priest could do great, but if your priest is not up for making people laugh, you will surely find someone humorous in our listing to unwind parents and bridesmaids. Hire a comedian as a surprise for the day, someone to hold a funny speech before the actual ceremony or someone to entertain people while the Bride is getting ready to make her appearance. The funniest comedians perform without being on a stage, but as part of the audience, acting like one of the guests.

The art of public speaking has surely been most refined by those individuals able to make us laugh and forget about our worries. Their talent goes even further than that of someone who can hold an after-dinner speech successfully. This is exactly why comedians are the best entertainment for any type of event. Keep the spirits up with skill and hire a comedian that will make everyone talk about the wonderful time they have had at your party even for weeks after!

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