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Phone : 7145688889
Talent : Dancer
Intro : Bollywood, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Indian Folk dancer


Phone : 7145688889
Talent : Choreographer
Intro : Chorepgrapher/Dancer/Model/Actor/Performer

The love for listening to music, dancing and creative arts has always been in our lives in one way or another. One of the oldest and most enchanting ways of entertainment in the history of the human race is dance. There is much enjoyment to be had with entertainment dance – both eyes and ears are stimulated. The magic of body movement to music has always been one of the most appreciated ways to amuse company. Kings and beggars alike have been mesmerised by young girls dancing for their pleasure. Free to observe the beauty and grace of bodies rhythmically moving accompanied by the sounds of musical instruments, no soul has ever remained untouched by the art of dancing. Goes without saying that dancing is for everyone: young and old, male or female alike. Depending on the styles of music society promoted in different ages, dancing has changed too, dramatically evolving, making people alter their perception of beauty and entertainment alike.

The art of dancing is a huge part of our society nowadays. People go out in their spare time and dance to release their stress and relax. Dancing is by far the most popular way of entertaining oneself on a regular night out. Participation is great (almost a necessity), but is also gorgeous to look at others while performing and this is why dancing shows have always been in fashion in the Entertainment Industry. Different dancing styles are so difficult to master that people can only enjoy them by looking at the artists’ presentation on stage. Dancing events are so popular that tickets for dance shows just sell out in days. This is why professional dancers are amazing sources of entertainment for parties whatever the size of the party and the number of people attending.

Dancing acts can be amazing on stage at festivals, in clubs and in open air events, for weddings, beach parties, birthday party surprises, for dinner party entertainment or any kind of event where people are prompted to enjoy others perform (at least for part of the event). Dancers for parties are not difficult to find if you know what you are looking for. You can hire a single dancer or a group of dancers and the act can vary from belly dancing, to ballet, to tango and waltz, salsa or samba, acrobatic dancing and modern break dancing. There is a wide range of professional dancers to hire for any type of dance or event. While some might be interested in burlesque dancing, pole dancing or even stripper dancers, it doesn’t mean an exotic dancer will only be doing this. You can hire an exotic dancer for belly dancing, hula dancing or arab dancing. Others may appreciate country dance entertainment or other ethnic dances (that is why you can hire Irish dancers, Greek dancers, Polynesian dancers, Latin dancers, African dancers, Brazilian dancers, Asian dancers, Russian dancers, etc).

Each talented entertainer will do their best to put on a show and provide the best performance they can think of. When auditioning them, you will be able to admire their elegant and graceful body movements, their rhythm their stage presence which is obtained only by hard work on their gorgeous silhouettes and ever present smiles. Their dancing talent is one thing to admire, but choosing the right dance music and developing the best choreography to emphasize their skills is another, just as important. You will be able to observe all of these things and choose the best entertainer available for the job, a dance show to remember. So if you are looking for dancers for parties, you are in the right place! Let Starlight Entertainment help you in finding professional Dancers for hire.

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Starlight Entertainment & Limousines began with Promoting, managing and booking Entertainment Nationally – actors, bands, comedians, clowns, dancers, djs, magicians, musicians, models, singers etc...  Starlight then added limousines and other luxury transportations for your convenience.  Since 1985   Thanks to all of you.