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There is no party without good music and there is no good music without a professional DJ. While live music entertainment may be part of the opening act of an event, when the live music ends, the party has to keep going (at least most of the time) and this only happens if there is a great DJ mixing the music and keeping the people dancing. Live music is great (we all admit to that), but no band can keep on playing for long – it is exhausting. When the live performance ends, it is the professional DJ who keeps the spirits up and dictates the pulse running through everyone’s veins. People who love to party often go out and attend different events, listening to music and dancing. In fact, everyone goes out on the weekend to chill out and relax. And when one does, he/she expects the best music ever, expects a great atmosphere that keeps going throughout the night, for more than 6 hours in a row. They want to drink and dance and hear that awesome rhythm pumping on the speakers. This is why most venues hire DJ services, to keep their places full of people. Wherever you go in big cities, at whatever party you happen to be invited, you will always find a DJ doing his magic. The most popular places have the best DJs out there.

Professional DJs always have vast music knowledge, a passion for listening to it and playing it to others and great interest in their performance raising an audience. A great DJ will always select tracks appropriate for the event at which he/she has been hired to perform, keeping in mind their listeners’ preference and a list suggested by the employing company. After all, this is what a Disk Jockey does. If you fit this description, then welcome to Starlight Entertainment’s StarDirectory. Join our listings for quality entertainment and earn yourself more exposure and bookings! Registering with us is free and it can only do you good. DJ music service is always needed for parties and festivals, so why not make yourself available? Be one of those awesome DJs that just walk on stage, plug in their equipment and get the party started! Get invited on tours, be part of weekly events and keep you agenda full! Get booked fast and easy with Starlight Entertainment! Keep in mind that all professional DJs have a technical rider prepared to inform their promoters of their requirements prior to hiring. Whether you are one of the local DJs for parties or one of the best touring DJs in USA at the moment, make sure your demands are known by your employers and are unexaggerated. You will earn more credibility like this and keep on being hired. DJ party hire will always be in fashion, for as long as people enjoy entertainment, so make the best of your career and promote yourself well!

To all of you visiting this page without being a DJ yourself, our guess is that you are looking to hire a DJ for your own event. Welcome to our online source for entertainment! This is where you can easily find DJ services for hire. Our professional DJs enthusiastically work in venues all over USA, playing for radio stations or internet radio stations or attending events in nightclubs, local bars, dance clubs, pubs, hotels, parties and wedding receptions or corporate events. Our suggested DJs are well known for their DJ music service and will do their best to deliver what is expected of them in an impeccable way. Hire a DJ for a party and ensure your event is well-enjoyed by everyone attending.

Wedding DJ hire is probably the most interesting option for many of you browsing our listings. A professional wedding DJ doesn’t always have to have experience in this particular type of event, so do not be intimidated if their CV doesn’t list this particular type of party too often. It doesn’t mean that you won’t get the best out of your wedding reception or wedding party. There are wedding DJ services specificall 

tailored for this type of event. Just make sure you let the professional DJ know the type of music you expect to be played at the venue and he/she will do their job amazingly. Make sure you discuss the tracks with them if you do not trust their own selection. If you have particular songs in mind, bring them up in your discussion and point out the fact that you would like those tracks heard by your guests (perhaps even more than once). A professional wedding DJ will respect your wishes as you are the STAR of your event and know best who will be attending your wedding party.

If you are looking to hire a dj for a birthday party, make sure that you know who your audience will be. Music preferences may differ for young and elderly. If the birthday party is a surprise for a child or for a teenager, the professional DJ will have to select music from a different category than that demanded by 50-60 year olds. A kids party DJ hire will require the performer to like kids or have some of his own, to know the kind of songs popular for a specific age, but other than that, if he is a skilled entertainer, he will be able to give the children a wonderful party time. While it may be easier to find a good DJ for elderly, there are options in our listings. Whichever audience is targeted, you will be able to find a DJ who brings the house down and gives everyone a memorable time, playing and mixing songs that the audience enjoys. You need not worry about how to find a good DJ any more – just browse our listings and interview the most appealing DJs.

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