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Starlight Entertainment – Professional Models For Hire

Models are needed for a number of jobs which are not always entertainment related: promotional modeling (car show models, motorcycle show models, car part presentation models), photography modeling (which can be artistic modeling), trade show modeling or fashion modeling. The Entertainment Industry is always in need of actors and models for hire, so we thought of making things easy for everyone by bringing the models to those looking to hire models for events. This is the place where you can search the right person for any type of model hire. We have a long list or individuals, consisting in the most skilled persons with beautiful faces and pretty bodies, all looking to do professional modeling for your company or brand. We encourage all the models interested in being hired for a modeling job to register with our Start Directory and increase their chances of being found online by our clients.
Here are some of the models you may find on our websites, very suitable for a number of jobs and modeling opportunities:
Acting models for commercial promotion of products & services.  They are usually hired for filmed ads and require a lot more skill than having a good personality and a pretty face. They can be web models or TV models and they get most of the exposure from acting for short videos seen by millions of viewers. There are also a lot of opportunities for acting models in the Entertainment Industry for special occasions.
Promotional models (hired to advertise products and brands, possibly face to face with the client, sampling the products in trade shows, shopping centres, bars or  the streets)
Commercial print models (they are hired for various jobs with no stringent demand on body proportions, but do need to have a pleasant appearance and charismatic personality). They need to be able to portray specific types of persons: with a casual lifestyle, with an alternative lifestyle (gothic or punk), with an interest in fitness and dietary products (to advertise lingerie, swimwear, fitness accessories), with an interest in glamour (usually being displayed in teenage magazines), or with an interest in business so having a corporate looking image. The list is long and covers anything that goes to print and appears in magazine shops, without fitting into the NEWS category.
Fashion models (hired mostly to promote clothing and accessories and possibly facing the most stringent demands on their looks) In this category one can find runway models or catwalk models, catalogue models, editorial models, fitness models. Fashion models often engage in advertising semi-nude and this is why a lot of people look for lingerie models for hire OR bikini models for hire. To be noted is that fashion models are often hired in the Entertainment Industry to accompany dignitaries and complete the image of the successful business man – what public figure doesn’t want to have a sexy model by their side when appearing in public?
Nude models (who can pose for glamour nudes, artistic nudes or erotic nudes)
Models interested in advertising a part of their body for specific products (hair models, hand models, feet models, leg models); these models may be required to be a specific age depending on the target age of the population.
Modeling is not just for women in their 20s. There are a number of modeling jobs which require baby models, children models, male models, elderly models. Women models just get most of the attention, but if you think about it, there are so many jobs out there which require something other than female adult models! Contrary to common belief, there a lot of people who aim to be professional models, despite the challenges they may face encountering stereotypical judgment. Our “models for hire” listing shows this clearly. Feel free to browse and find what you are looking for.

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Starlight Entertainment & Limousines began with Promoting, managing and booking Entertainment Nationally – actors, bands, comedians, clowns, dancers, djs, magicians, musicians, models, singers etc...  Starlight then added limousines and other luxury transportations for your convenience.  Since 1985   Thanks to all of you.