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When looking to brighten up a party or an event, a lot of people think of hiring singers or vocalists for the entertainment. Browsing in the StarDirectory offered by Starlight Entertainment, there are of course many other options than singers for entertainment, even music related such as DJs and bands for hire, and non-related such as dancers, comedians and magicians. However, amongst all options for party entertainment, singers and vocalists usually make the best choice, being liked by any audience, no matter what age they are. Obviously a great voice can be easily admired and formal training is not always needed. Good singers can make a great impression instantly and usually make it big with just raw talent. A lot of celebrity singers have become stars because of their God-given talent, which they trained and perfected. Good singers can bring a smile to people’s faces by simply choosing the right songs and then doing their best. This is why we strongly encourage singers and vocalists to register with us for more chances of being employed by event organizers browsing our pages. Our aim is to connect you, the performer, with you, the event organizer in search for talent!

And singing talent is exactly what we have here at Starlight Entertainment. We make available professional singers of all sorts: lead singers for bands, group singers or choir vocalists or solo singers, male or female singers, all with one thing in common, the passion for their calling. They feel the music they sing and this is why others do too. Just think about gospel singers, Motown singers or Christmas carol singers – they all put feeling in what they do and people love, absolutely love to hear them. So, if you think about this you will realize that it is a great idea to look for singers for hire for a number of events which can benefit from an artistic performance, full of sentiment and stimulating others to feel the same.

Such examples can be wedding receptions and wedding parties which are also very emotional events - wedding singers for hire can perform in church, during the civil ceremony or at the party. Furthermore you can have singing waiters (opera singing waiters would be a smash!) or a singing priest! That will surely bring an original twist to the party. The best singing waiters are hidden among regular ones (so nobody knows they are part of a show) and they entertain by intervening at key moments of the evening.The singing priest can accompany a gospel choir for hire for the delight of the entire church audience. Wedding vocalists are very much in fashion and they add a note of elegance and refinement to the entertainment part of the event that none other would. Also, it is worth mentioning to all those of you who are planning wedding parties for others, that singers for weddings are best chosen by the bride and groom. It is best to make sure that the vocalists wanted for the job are also fitting for the job. Sure, the family can also prepare a surprise for the happy event by booking an unexpected performance, but a lot of taste and tact is needed in the process, so the singing acts do not stand out negatively in comparison with the rest of the atmosphere (you know...jazz music for a country themed wedding for example).

Birthday parties which accommodate a relatively small number of people, getting together to celebrate the birthday of someone dear, with a considerable age, can also be blessed with the charm of a good singer. Singers wanted in such cases are often from the same generation with that of the celebrated individual, bringing back memories from their youth. If the event is meant to celebrate the coming of age for someone who loves music, then the party singers have to be very popular among teenagers of the same age. Young men and women these days know what’s hip and what’s not and have clear preferences for their music entertainment. The singers needed for teenage parties are usually booked for a lot of gigs and may therefore cost more to hire. A great idea is to hire a female rock vocalists with great looks who will surely create a stir! Not that a male vocalist wouldn’t! They will make teenagers feel empowered. Emotional singing performances may also be needed for charity events which are supposed to remind people that they ought to be more in touch with their feelings and more considerate towards others.

Hiring a solo singer or a vocalist for any sort event can be great as a good sound system and amplification can make a single person speak loads to a large crowd. Singers for hire for parties can keep the crowd going with the help of background music which is ready-recorded and thus the event manager can save by paying a single performer instead of an entire band. Party singers for small and large events alike, will perform singing their own music of choice, but they can also be hired to sing specific songs, chosen by the employing company, based on the targeted audience. Obviously, auditions are necessary before hiring anyone, as not any singer can sing any type of music, but this is precisely why Starlight Entertainment makes available so many options for singer talent!

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